A relaxing moment on the cruise train, “Transuit Shikishima” with Yabe-en’s four types of tea.

JR East’s “Transuit Shikishima” made its debut on May 1st.
The concept of the train is “To provide the opportunity to meet the depth of Japan and the feeling to enjoy the passing time.
A new experience and discovery through a journey on rail.”
You can experience a rich and luxurious trip through a high-level omotenashi.

And we are happy to announce that Yabe-en’s four types of tea have been chosen as one of the menu on “Transuit Shikishima”.
Only the carefully selected seasonal plates of eastern Japan can be on the menu.

The tea served on “Transuit Shikishima” can be purchased at our online shop.
Please enjoy the taste of our real Japanese tea at home.

The Yabe-en’s tea served at Shikishima.

Yabe-en original blend
(the highest class Sencha)

Suisen Ichigou

Suisen Ichigou is Yabe-en’s original flagship product.
Since our establishment in 1949, we have received a huge support from our customers. You can enjoy the “identity of Yabe-en” through this masterpiece. We have blended three types of tea leaves with different characteristics. The highest quality, “Ichigou” is a sencha made from the softest part of tea leaves.
* Sencha is a type of Japanese ryokucha(green tea) which is prepared by infusing the processed whole tea leaves in hot water.

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Deep-steamed green tea
(the best quality among the existing steamed-green tea)

Chasyou no homare

The tea leaves used to make “Chasyou no homare” is cultivated at Kakegawa, one of the well known area for producing the top quality Japanese tea. It is cultivated by a group of tea cultivating professionals, “Tea business cooperative of Kakegawa”.

We have steamed these tea leaves for a long stretch of time to extract “umami” to the limits.
Drinking this tea makes you feel as if you are tasting a luxurious desert.

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Masterpiece of Genmaicha.
The fragrance from the miraculous rice.

Datecha Genmaicha

A blend of Datecha Sencha and roasted rice made from a rare rice brand “Kaguya Hime”. It is a tea that features a rich scent and smooth taste. It is hard to find a Genmaicha that is as aromatic and full of umami as Datecha Genmaicha. “Kaguya Hime” is a fine rice born in Higashimatsushima-shi, Miyagi prefecture. Deep knowledge and skills of the northern province is put into the rice that is grown over a one year span. This delicious rice with a characteristic of an extremely late variety is very strong in cold weather and drought. Please enjoy Japan’s best Genmaicha along with your journey.

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A new level of Hōjicha
(Best quality)

Kuki Hōjicha Yugao Kōfuku

“Kukicha” from Makinohara, Shizuoka prefecture has a strong and rich flavor due to the cultivation at one of Yabe-en’s designated tea garden with rich soil. Also, “Kukicha” from Shirakawa, Gifu prefecture, creates flavor with a high scent. “Kuki Hōjicha Yugao Kōfuku” is a blend of this two Kukicha, Please enjoy the rich fragrance and the elegant sweetness spreading in your mouth.
* Hōjicha is a Japanese roasted green tea often made from tea leaves from the last harvest of the season

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